Do you believe in soulmates?

We live in a city.A city of 600k people. So half are guys and half are girls. So there are 300k guys. So in a relationship you would be probably be wondering to be with a partner of your age so that’s like 3rd of that. So its 100k guys. Now,not only all of that guys are single. Mostly 50% are. So 50k available guys. So out of those how many of you will find attractive,of your type. Yes 50k. So the best you will find interesting will be 100/1 . So that’s 1000/10 and 50k/500. So there are 500 people you are interested in. But are they interested in you ? So lets take 50% will show interest in you. so its 250 guys. But they can even show interest in others but lets not consume that. So there are 250 guys out of 50k. Its less than 1%. How will you find him? So if you found him,then you should not let him go, and if you let him go then you are just reducing the chance to get a soulmate. He is less than 1.

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